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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

People Around Me.

People Around Me. is a new feature in my blog. In every post of it, I will interview one of my classmates or someone I know closed to share their unique, mysterious and fun talent or interest. For the very first edition, I interviewed Rima Putriani.

You may have read her name in my blog posts many times. Yes I often hang out with her and do many class projects together. I noticed that this Harry Potter freak girl has a good taste in music and if you remember she is the one who responsible to chose soundtracks for Sebuah Perjalanan. Then I think what about ask her about it. Here we go :D

Dhyn (D): Where you usually check new song?
Rima (R): I usually check a new song from radio stations. They always have charts.
D: Which radio station?
R: Usually Oz Radio and Ardan Radio. Commonly in Saturday there is a chart, western songs. Beside that, I check Then the information is on Twitter or check a new video from Youtube.
D: But all I know that the video on YouTube is coming late than the song sometime.
R: Yes, it is. Sometimes when I just know the song, the video is already release from long time ago.
D: Yes, it happens a lot. But it seems like you always know a new song that everybody does. You downloaded the video and shared the link of it.
R: Hmm, is that so? Maybe it is me who listen the song first than everybody. It kinda boring sometime, because when I shared the song, no one knows what song it is and it is just me who listen to that song. It is not fun at all. Or maybe I am so update!
D: Please rim, (⌣_⌣'')
R: \ξ(ˇ▽ˇ)ξ/ \ξ(ˇ▽ˇ)ξ/ \ξ(ˇ▽ˇ)ξ/
D: Then, if you check in, you can get the name of the song and the singer easily. But if you listen to the radio it would be kinda hard to write and remember those.
R: If I listen to the chart, there will be a preview of the songs that already played. If I think the song is nice, I will download it. If it is not, then I won’t download it. But if the announcer is talking to fast and I don’t get the name, I usually just type the lyrics and ask Mr. Google.

D: Yeah, Google helps! But how you can say that song is nice or not? If you listen to it just once, then you can’t directly say that the song is bad. You have to listen to it many times, and maybe you can say the song is good.
R: This one song is not just exists in a chart for a day. It will be play again next week and next next week. When I listen to a new song in second time and it sounds good, I will download it. It is kinda impossible and rare happens to like a song after listen to it just once.
D: Then when you listen to some kinda song, you don’t search and download it directly? But if you like it, then you will go for it?
R: Yep, if I like it, I will search it.
D: What if you like the song you like and download the video already. But suddenly the song is not interesting anymore. Does it happen?
R: Yes, many times. There so many songs and I won’t put them on my playlist.
D: But you keep it?
R: Yes. But just for data. Sometimes my friends ask a new song and it useful.
D: What song you like by now?
R: No I.D by FrankMusik ft Colette Carr and Lego House by Ed Sheeran.

D: Then what song you are looking for now?
R: I am looking for a song, the title is sabana or something . The singer is Sarah . . someone, I forget it. I already noted the lyrics but it still not found yet in Google.
D: Oohh, good luck for that. And thanks for the time to save to this interview.
R: You’re welcome.

Interesting enough, eh? Don’t forget to keep in touch with her by read her blog, friended her in Facebook or follow her tweets. See ya in next People Around Me. posts :D

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  1. what a good idea for a feature! can't wait for being interviewed and featured here :p


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