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Monday, October 4, 2010

Alangkah Lucunya (Negeri Ini)

I already register as a member of the largest VCD rental, franchise from Australia. Sounds silly for inform you :p. I did it because it is so difficult to find an 'oldskul' movie and also to complete my 30 Books to Movies challenge. Sadly, this shop just opened months ago and has no many movies enough. But still entertaining to rent. For the beginning I watched this one.

Watch the trailer here or (just in case if you want) the movie here.

Muluk try so hard to find a job. So he can use his knowledge and marry the one he loves. One day he meets Komet, a little pickpocket and brings him meet the boss, Jarot. Muluk offer an agreement to manage their income. It works. Muluk invite his friends, Samsul and Pipit to teach them manner, religion and about nationality. Slowly, they change. But it no longer when Muluk and Pipit's parents know it.

Very entertaining yet sad. This is what actually happens here. Muluk is one of someone who wants to change this but they have to break the rules. It so true but also wrong.

The pickpockets are so innocent. They say whatever they want and feel. They do not know it is wrong or right. They get it from what their experiences. Funny but . . as what I wrote above, it so sad.

Awesome movie. The story, the actors, even the soundtracks fire up the spirit to change this country. The ending tells that it is not end yet. We have to run it too and do whatever we can do even from a very little thing.

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