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Saturday, May 22, 2010

3 4 5 Reading Challenge: Sweet Angel

The old books. It was published in middle of 2005. But I bought it in bargain books sale three years ago. I like to re-read it because the story has unusual theme. Yeah, science fiction!

Sweet Angel : The Pigeon

She is Rizka Handayani or usually called Kika. She has a perfect life. She smart, one of Volley Ball team, her friends is so nice and her famous crush on, Reza. Her friend, Ira have asked why she is so perfect and suddenly the answer coming. A group of military chase her for a mysterious reason. Luckily there is Andika who saved her and tell what really happened. He said that she is human genetic which is named Genoid and people out there want her DNA to build another Geniod. With Andika, Kika try to escape even though her mother and her friends, even her boyfriend became a victim. But when she knows Andika is a member of the CIA who also wants her DNA, she must go alone now.

Sweet Angel 2 : The Rose

Kika back to Indonesia as Arista Rayesti or Ista. Indonesia embassy gives her a job to find who is Sudarmani's daughter in Triasa senior high school. Sudarmani is dead but the money that he corruption gone. Probably his daughter knows where the money is. That's why Kika pretending as student and looking for it. She meets Viana and become close friend. But Viana seems mysterious. In fact she has a problem with Dessy, the Queen Bee in that school. They are complete to be OPTRI's chairman (perhaps chairwoman sounds better). Moreover, she meets Viana's brother, Ryan and fall to him. He said something surprising that Viana is foster child.

Sweet Angel 3 : The Princess

Kika get a big job again. She have to guard the youngest daughter of president, Gya. She often called The Princess by her school friends and had underestimed with Kika. Everything become worst when both of them have a crush on Nicky. Beside it, Kika have to face a challenge from another genoid, Sakura. It's not only threaten Kika, but also Gya.

Overall, I like the first book than others. The second and the third have similarity, such as the story, the job that Kika have to do and another Genoid who is revenge about what Kika did before. But I don't like the way the narrator explain the science things in the first book. Actually I know nothing about something like that, but I think there's another way to explain it. For a simple or a short thing, we can make it into footnote, right?

My favorite part is on the last book, chapter eight about Kika go to wild races and looking for the man who killed her father 10 years ago. I was listening to Shut Up And Drive which is so match with the story in my opinion.

Sweet Angel was re-published in the beginning of 2008 with the new name, D'Angel. The story is nothing has changed much. Only the main character's name is changed from Rizka (Kika) becomes Rafika (Fika).

Luna Torashyngu already announced this at Gramedia Book Fair this two years ago. I was glad he wrote another science fiction, but I disappointed when this book rise and there is nothing new.

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