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Monday, September 13, 2010

3 Hari Untuk Selamanya

I did nothing, but I didn't wanna shut laptop down. So I opened YouTube and choose an Indonesian movie. The old one. I let it buffered when I took a very short nap during Ied Mubarak.

Watch the movie here.

Andin, Ambar's sister will marry soon and took place in Jogya. Yusuf, Ambar's cousin asked to bring a set of plates by car there meanwhile Ambar's family go with plane. But Ambar wake up late and feel weird to take plane all alone. So she prefer go with Yusuf by car. Actually, it just take a day to arrive to Jogya. But they make it three days, unintentionally. They talk anything especially about future.

Young and wild.

Many opinions on the video which are tells that they are disappointed for Riri Riza to made this film. It is so totally different with the previous. Smoke marijuana everywhere. Flat. Plagiarism. But many awards that they got.

It's inspiring. What you have to do is take the positive way. For me, I imagine that the trip from Jakarta to Jogya is my life. I already have my goods. There are car, clothes, money, food and very priceless, the set of plates that can assume as my brain. I arriving to my future but many blocks there. I fall deeply. Thank God, I realize it and have a second chance to prove it. Simple yet meaningful.

That's the way I respect the story. Yet for the film, the angle or something like that, it was boring. Although the soundtracks are very cool! Then I can not comment too much.

I very recommended this but you have 18+ to watch it.

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