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Monday, November 8, 2010

Desperate Me

It is little bit crazy.
But yes, I do miss him!
Everything of him.
I want to cry but I can not.
Listen to this Daft Punk song, just made me throw away to sadness world more and more deeper.
He might not be the right one for me. Yesterday, today or for my future life. I know that.
But he makes me feel amazing. There is someone that wants me, need me, only me.
He keeps me on the right side. He is my single reason why I never ever try to smoke or drugs.
He is!
He always waiting for me.
Spent my insomniac nights with him.

I have try to ‘broke up’ with him. Many times. But no one works.
August 2009 was my worst month ever.
Last three weeks also.
And 2013 would be sucks.

Fragile. Weak. Stress.
This shit ruins everything!
Ruins my study.
Ruins my sleep time.
I do not need a new guy or fall in with someone else.
I just need him!

Or nothing.

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