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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hello Heello :)

A new social network and the name is Heello :)

It seems like Twitter but it is different. Get the account with your favorite name before anyone else did. Enter Heello website and register. It's very easy and quick :)

Check your email and click the link from email that Heello sent to you. Login then fill your personal form and upload your photo :)

Then you are ready to 'ping' your thoughts!

Don't forget to 'listen' to my 'ping's. My Heelloo's username as same as my Twitter, it's @dhanarun :)

Fyi, Ping same as Tweet. If the Twitter has followers and following, Heello has Listerner and Listerning. And Echo means Retweet. Enjoy :)

ps. Today is my brother's birthday :)


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