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Friday, January 8, 2010

Hari Untuk Amanda

I never feel so excited to watch Indonesia movie before. Yesterday I read a lot of tweet that tell about Hari Untuk Amanda movie. These said that this movie are romantic, touching, and a good movie to watch. It's really made me curious. So I watched it today with my BFF.

I came late because waited my BFF and I missed the opening. Very disappointed. But I have read the summary and no feel blank too much. In the middle of movie, suddenly the screen blank and people complain . Argh, this also happened when I was watching Avatar.
This movie tells about Amanda who is will marry less that 10 days with Dody. She wants this wedding will be the perfect wedding. But she works to prepare the food, the place and the wedding invitation all alone. Because Dody too busy with his work. Then, she meets Hari, her ex-boyfriend, to solve a problem between them. But she feel enjoy and spend that day with him. She forget that she will marry. Dody very mad and do anything do find Amanda.

If you read the title, you certain that Amanda choose Hari than Dody in the end. Wrong answer! Amanda still choose Dody to become her husband. Same as me, I just thought that Amanda will choose her ex, who is humorous, than Dody who is busy with his work and have no time to sent the wedding invitation. From this movie I learn that what we want isn't what we need.

I don't see this scene or I miss it because too much talking with my BFF?
By the way, sorry to leaked the ending. You can watch it eventhough you knew the ending. This is a nice movie! =D


  1. ya, poster dan judulnya memang menipu!

  2. belum nonton :D banyak yg bilang bagus jd penasaran..

    makasi uda mampir ke blog ku ya :)

  3. emang bagus!
    beda sama film indo yang laen.

    you're welcome :D


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