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Monday, August 8, 2011

Source Code

Sci-Fi / Drama
Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright, Russell Peters
Duncan Jones
Ben Ripley

Source Code is telling about Colter Stevens who suddenly wake up in a commuter train. A woman, in front of him, talks to him just like they know each other for a long time. He does not know who she is, why he is there and so on. Before he knows the answer, the train blow up and he wake up in different place. Interesting opening, eh? :D

When Steven wakes up, he is in some capsule time. Then he knows that government sent him to discover who put and blow the train this morning in Chicago. Goodwin, who talks with him in screen, explains that there is a program named Source Code. The program can get somebody into someone’s body for only eight minutes and it can crosses past event. Goodwin arranges Steven into another man’s body. He backs again into the train, talk with a stranger woman who named Cristina, investigates the passengers and the bomb is blowing over and over again. Steven have to figure the bomber before he destroy another part of Chicago.

In those many ‘eight minutes’, he try to remember where he is before this current mission and helps other passengers from death although it is impossible.

It was amazing! I was doubt and not really interested to watch it. I am not a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal. I forced myself to watch it just because some people said that this movie is kind of Inception. It is not really Inception then. But the opening tied me tight to finish it.

Jake’s character takes a lot of control of the story. The other characters, like the beautiful Cristina and the wisely Goodwin accompany him nicely, but not much. Well, I am not good on commentary the acting aspect. I think their acting is good when I touched ;p

I am wondering about the program itself. Does Source Code really exist? If the answer is no, it is not impossible that someday, someone, somewhere make it realistic. And how sad when I found government uses someone’s dead body to finish their mission. Yet the mission is to safe others life, but it just not true :(

My favorite part is when Steven pays a comedian that also take the train, to entertain other passengers. Then they laugh together, maybe for the last time. At the moment I realize how much life is worth :’)

Personally, I do not really like the ending of Source Code. I can said that the film was amazing but not for the ending. I am little bit underestimate a happy ending. So naïve ;p

Well, this is my opinion. I am sure you will have a different opinion. Find and watch it soon then tell me what do you think :D

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