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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Comedy | Drama | Family | Music | Romance
Aly Michalka, Vanessa Hudgens, Gaelan Connell, Scott Porter, Ryan Donowho, Charlie Saxton, Lisa Kudrow, Tim Jo, Lisa Chung and Elvy Yost
Todd Graff
Todd Graff and Josh A. Cagan

Bandslam is about Will Burton who really knows about music but he can not play any instrument. He usually bully in his high school because of his father. His mom decides to move to New Jersey to start a new life for her only son.

In his new high school, he meets Sa5m. Sa5m is a unique girl. She talks in flat intonation and love read classic literature. They have a same class in human studies. Then Will also meets Charlotte who has a band and need advice from him. Will starts to manage Charlotte’s band with his knowledge to join a high school competition called Band Slam. It does very well but he kinda forgets about his human studies with Sa5m. It is a hard decision for Will. He secretly loves Sa5m but he can not ignore his own passion with music.

Bandslam is a really good movie! I was surprise for it because the beginning of the movie was so boring. Thank God that the rest of the movie is really good and I enjoy it, especially the songs. Will’s triangle love between Sa5m and Charlotte is so confusing and lame. For me, it even not solves yet. But he has a cool mom who can support everything he does. Sa5m stole my attention actually. Her character is unique yet weird. Vannesa Hudgens plays it well although she is not the main character here. I love the way she reads a lot and correct me if I am wrong, is that ‘Pride and Prejudice’ book in her hand? :)

My favorite part is when Will trains every member of band to create a beat and it was really good beat. Then I realize that something good has secret behind it. Like a band that Will, Charlotte and their friends start. It is not always easy to join many different people into a band. But that is the challenge and interesting thing that make it true and worth. And I love *spoiler alert* the video that Will made for Human Studies and Sa5m. It is so funny yet sweet :D

Did I write that I enjoy the song? I really love them. Here are three songs that go into my favorite sing list from this movie. I did not know that the girl from Easy A, Aly Michalka aka Charlotte can sings good enough.


At last, I recommend BandSlam for the rest of your day. Enjoy the movie and the songs :)


  1. I like this movie too! :D
    IMHO, there's no love triangle between them. Will keliatannya emang cuma suka sm Sa5m deh. Itu menurutku..hehe

  2. Charlotte keliatan kayak yang naruh hati juga sama Will. Dia akhirnya mundur karena Will emang cuma suka sama Sa5m. Disitu love trianglenya maksud aku tuh. Btw, makasih buat opininya :)


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