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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Witch In Love

Korean Dramas are booming in Indonesia nowadays. Honestly I am not a huge fan of Korean music, boysband or drama. But their works are awesome and good. Sometime, I watch a Korean drama to killing my time or I just do not know what to do.

Now I would tell you about one of Korean drama that I just finished. It called Witch Yoo Hee/ Witch Amusement / A Witch in Love.

Comedy, Romance
Han Ga In, Jae Hee, Jun Hye Bin, Kim Jung Hoon, Dennis Oh

Witch Yoo Hee is about Ma Yoo Hee, a success director of advertising, who join blind date to get a boyfriend. She is very bossy and no one guy likes her. Her employee even called her as a witch. Beside Chae Moo Ryong is an ex-medical student who has passion on cooking, especially Western food. Moo Ryong meet Yoo Hee in a blind date, he replace his friend position. His friend is too scared to meet Yoo Hee. In that date, Moo Ryong directly tells about Yoo Hee’s bad habit and the clear reason why she never have a boyfriend. Yoo Hee gets angry and leave him.

One day, accidently Moo Ryong crash Yoo Hee’s car. She asks for the cost but Moo Ryong can not pay it because he is actually poor and no one restaurant hires him. Then Yoo Hee decided to hire him to be her housekeeper and also her love teacher for a month or he must pay the debt.

Moo Ryong help Yoo Hee to get her first love, Yoo Joon Na, who just came back from study abroad. Meanwhile Yoo Hee give Moo Ryong a good opportunity by let him know and close to her friend and also master chef, Jhonny Kruger. It gets complicated when they falling in love each other, yet Yoo Hee’s father disagree and Moo Ryong has a girlfriend already, Nam Seung Mi.

In my opinion, from the first until the last espisode of Witch Yoo Hee are good. The make over that Moo Ryong do to Yoo Hee was amazing and incredible. Let me spread it to you ;)

The drama also teaches us about reach our dream. Take a look at Moo Ryong. He has been rejected by several restaurants. He has drop and think about back to medical school. But when he meets Jhonny, everything goes different. Jhonny is patient enough and see that Moo Ryong has a good passion, the chance it comes. You just have to give it some little time more :)

But just like another dramas, in the end the girl and the boy who actually hate each other finally falling in love. It does not mean that I do not like the story or the ending. I like it, honestly. But it is so so so unoriginal and every drama does it. Come on, create something new :o

Things that always exist in Korean drama:
- Telephone scene
- Reckon past moments by go back to that place
- Crying scene
- Drinking at street café
Well, maybe it is just Korean culture ;)

I love the soundtracks. These are two songs that I love the most.


Yet it not so fresh for me, Witch Yoo Hee is still worth to watch. Go and watch by yourself :D

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