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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

Rupert Sanders
 Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin

Snow White and the Huntsman is about Queen Revenna who is very powerful because of her beauty. She wants to keep beautiful and immortal. So one day, she asks a magic mirror how to have it all. The magic mirror says that Queen Revenna has to eat Snow White’s heart that apparently becomes more beautiful than the queen. Snow white herself is a late king’s daughter and she is being kidnapped since she is child. Queen Revenna asked her brother, Finn, to bring Snow White but Finn failed her. Snow White escapes to the dark forest. The dark forest is the scariest place with unpredictable things; even Queen Revenna cannot use her power. So she asked a huntsman who has been there. The huntsman helps Snow White instead brings her to the Queen Revenna. Meanwhile Prince William, Snow White’s old friend just knew that Snow White is still alive. Then he joined Finn to find her.

You will not find a sweet and cute fairytale in Snow White and the Huntsman. Because the atmosphere was very dark yet I kinda like it :D. The story was good but it was little confusing and too slow in the middle of movie.

I can’t write a lot about the plot because we already know what would happen to Snow White. Let’s go to the characters, shall we? Charlize Theroni as Queen Revenna was soooooooooo beautiful. I cannot believe why the magic mirror tells us that Snow White is more beautiful that her :p. She is the magnet of this movie, not Stewart. Speaking of Stewart, the acting in this movie was just so so. I still think that she is not Snow White who has to full of spirit. She is just Bella with British accent and dark hair. Sorry, Stewart :p. Then I also still think that the Huntsman is Thor. Because he uses an axe, which is looks like a hammer, to fight.

At last, Snow White and the Huntsman offers a good and new version of fairytale movie which is darker and tough. But the actors did not support it, especially Kristen Stewart as the main role, Snow White. Uuuuh, so disappointed. Moreover I watched it twice. First I watched it with my boyfriend and then I had to watch it again because I won free tickets. You can imagine how disappointed and tired of Stewart’s expression I am.

So might be like it, because you like Twilight stuff or else. But I myself cannot agree with it :)

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