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Monday, January 28, 2013

Struck by Lightning

Brian Dannelly
Chris Colfer
Chris Colfer, Allison Janney, Rebel Wilson, Christina Hendricks and Sarah Hyland

Struck by Lightning is showing a high school senior student, Carson Phillips is struck by lightning and killed in his high-school parking lot. After than the story back to past when Carson recounts the way he blackmailed his classmates into contributing to his literary magazine.

The synopsis of Struck by Lightning might sound weird. How Carson could recount his own life and what the lightning symbolized is. After I watched the film, I finally got the idea from the film which written and starring Chris Colfer. The film was genius, touched and I love it! Actually, it is a story about Carson tries to get away from his old-suck life. Carson also dreams that he can get into Northwestern University in order to become the editor for The New Yorker one day. He has to have an impressive CV that involved his writing activity. Then he starts a literary magazine but no one seems to care to join or contribute something. Later he finds his friends’ secrets and blackmailed them to write something on the literary magazine. Sadly, he actually gets in the university but his mother trashed the acceptance letter. Then we all already know what happens in the end. Carson struck by lightning and need three days to discover his body :(

The film made me realize how dream can vanish and failed. But the blamed is not on the person who dreams, but the people around him. The effect of lightning, that I used to call ‘stupid scene’, changed when I watched the whole film. It was not stupid at all. It was ironic. This film leaves me breathless. If you watch it, I am sure that you will experience it as well. Chris Colfer was brilliant in this film. Not only in the way he played the sarcastic Carson, but also the way he written and be a procedure the film. He has not to sing any song or expose his sexuality here. I could not believe he has skill to do all of them. I hate to admit that I start to admire him :)

At last, Struck by Lightning was an awesome film for starting 2013. It was a little serious but it worth it. I hope I will watch the next Chris Colfer’s work, outside Glee which as good as this one. Recommended!

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