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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Purple make me JOMBLO?

Purple is my favorite color after pink when i in elementary school. i have a lot of thing with purple. like jacket, bag, headband, t'shirt, flat shoes, umbrella and more. because purple is extraordinary color, sometimes it's hard to get it.

my friends know it. some of them remember me if they look something in purple. i like purple and make it my trademark.

but, comment from my classmate, Ilham, change it.

he said: Dhyn, you always wear something in purple. ever think you don't have boyfriend because it?


in Indonesia, purple actually identic with someone who don't have couple like boy/girl friend or husband/wife. we call it JOMBLO.

i'm very surprising when i heard it. and after that i always thinking it. what my classmate said is true?

i don't think so.

but now, i have another favorite color, it's grey. because it can match with all of color. Then, when i saw Taylor Momsen with her new hair and style. she always wore outfit black, i interested.

but purple is my favorite. a love it beside grey and black. i tryin' to combine they with purple.

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