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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Finally, I watched this movie! :D

YesterdayI really disappointed with my lecturers. They didn't come to the class and wanna make some make up classes on holiday week. Damn! But that was gone when I was watching Avatar for three hours. Click here for my review from the last post about this movie.

It felt so long however I really enjoyed it. Some of my friends said to me that the movie is disgusting with the looks of Na'vi with blue color and a tail. Oh man, they don't really know about the story and how James Cameron shows it to us. This movie are nice, outstanding, cool, funny, beautiful, wonderful, romantic, ehm, do you have another adjective to describe the movie? I think we will get more excited feeling if we watch it on 3D. Well, this movie will has sequel, which is named Avatar: Battle Angel. Can't wait!!

At the first time I heard the title of this movie, I thought it was about Avatar : The Last Airbender. But I was wrong. They are very different. This is the picture that I got from another Avatar movie.

After surprising me in Skins, now Dev Patel played as Zuko!! This man was more cool after played in Slumdog Millionaire.


  1. hey dhyn i have award for you, check it out in my blog okay :)

  2. can't wait the last airbender. jackson rathbone=sakka hahaha

  3. @Deanvi: well, you must waiting until July 21st 2010.

  4. ouwhhhhh I was planning to watch avatar today but ran out of ticket! :(
    yeahh I'm waiting for the last airbender too! (I don't watch the cartoon thou) I don't like twilight but I like jackson rathbone :D

  5. if you want to watch avatar, try to watch it in 3D

  6. huhuhu :'( ntar bahas percy jackson ya :) it will be a legend :P


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