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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ooh, I Like It

I felt so gloomy yesterday. I don't know why. It's holiday, but I have to do nothing. Just sit in front of computer, opened random site, and listen to many songs. If you read my twitter's timeline, there was a lot of songs that I heard. I updated my status just to told what song that I was listening. Do you want to know? No? Whatever your answer, I still wanna share it.

The song which is I listen many times is original soundtrack from The Princess and The Frog, Ne-Yo - Never Knew I Needed.

I also listen to Leighton Meester ft Robin Thicke - Somebody To Love

And Jamie Cullum - I'm All Over Again.

For Indonesian song, I recomended to listen Lelah Bertahan from Mr. Krabz.

It is nice and funny for a name band, right? One of them is my friend in senior high school. Actually, I and them are from the same school, but I knew one only. For more info, click here to join the group on facebook or click here to download the song.

ps: I have another blog in tumblr. If you have tumblr account too and don't mind, please click here to follow my tumblr. I will follow you back ;D


  1. agree :) i luv the neyo song .
    congrats on ur award btw .
    i don't really understand about the award thing . hehe .
    how does it work?

  2. so am I :p
    I accepted it from another blogger.


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