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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cardcaptor Sakura

I feel like back to my childhood ( in fact I still look like child ) when watching it. In the same time I learn English and Japanese. The words like kawaii, ore, sukko, kokoro etc. Actually I have learn Japanese in my senior high before. I felt it's difficult. But I want to learn it too now, beside English as my major.

Tomoyo is my favorite character. She's so adorable with her ability like cook, sing, sew and film Sakura's act.

My favorite episode: Two Sakuras

My favorite Clow Card: Mirror

Sakura got the card in this episode. So sweet when I knew she has crush on Toya. A forbidden love, hahaha.

I have finished first season and entered to second season now. I must very patient to watch it from You Tube. It's so so lame!

ps: He's Just Not Into You and Nine are release at Bandung today. I know it's so late. But it's nice to watch.


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