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Monday, January 11, 2010

RT @owlcity Today I thought about getting a haircut. I walked outside. Then I stopped thinking about it.

That is a tweet from Owl City's official twitter 20 hours ago. It is inspired me to got a new haircut. I have been plan it from last year, I thought that I will get my hair cut before new year eve. Badly, I have to do something and I forgot it.

Now, finally, I got my hair cut. My mom called it a traditional style. Short and no too much style. My hair looks very straight like this

And more long than this

Actually, they look better than me :P

Some of my friends maybe will be shock and commented a lot if they see it. They don't know until now, although we met this morning.

ps: which one do you prefer to watch?


or New York I Love You?

I'm going to watch it (if my consultation with lecturer end before lunch) tomorrow =)


  1. Go watch them both!!!! Mulan is a great epic female hero and New York I Love you, hmmmm, how can u refuse Orlando Bloom?!! :D

  2. wah itu mulan yg dari film kartun itu? baru tau.. mau nonton! new york i love you juga udah nungguin dari taun kemaren hahaa..

    post doong foto barunyaa! ;)

  3. hehe,
    masih bingung nih mau milih yang mana.

  4. haha..MuLan!! even the tRaiLeR was so amazing heRe in Shanghai..^^


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