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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rumah Dara

I don't know why I so excited to watch this. In fact I don't like a horror movie because it's makes me can't sleep at night. But I watched it!

I have wrote the synopsis before here

Once again, I miss the beginning because waiting for a friend. The story has an ordinary plot. But it's become different with blood everywhere. I closed my eyes from the beginning though there's no Ibu Dara. Even I wrote a tweet when the murderer started to kill of their guests. Beside the full-blood scenes, I don't found something new. I knew the plot before and I read lots of spoiler from the official twitter of Rumah Dara.

My favorite scene is words from Ibu Dara before attacked Ladya with chainsaw, " ENAAAK KAAAN??". Funny thing, one of my friends don't know when the scene was. She forgot to bring her glasses. After out from theater, I think it's not scared anymore. Guess what? I can't sleep yesterday!

Some scenes are cut from the theater version. But it will be able in DVD. I heard that it will make a prequel and sequel. I think I won't watch it. Enough. Thanks.


  1. belum (berani) nonton Saw jadi belum bisa ngebandingin.


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