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Sunday, February 21, 2010

From Braga With Love

Recap from my Saturday night. Well, it's not at night actually. First, watched The Wolfman with my BFF, Intan. I'll write the review about it later.

Next, have a lunch and some snacks when waited for a rain. My little friend would fly to Aussie next semester. I can't believe it! We hope can watch The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader together before she goes. But I guess not because the film release December 10.

And went to Pesta Buku Bandung at Landmark, still in Braga street.

I know this event from my junior high school's teacher. He gave a task to go to this event and collect the brochure become a booklet. We got score 90 for it. Yihaaa! Now I came again and saw Didi Petet was there (the last photo).

I'm saved from the rain when waited at Braga City Walk. But no when went home. I stuck on traffic jam for two hours perhaps. Darn!

By the way, happy Sunday :)

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  1. yang baju kuning so' imut... hahahaha! gak rame kan din filmnya?? bagusan my name is khan... eh btw... film itu udah bisa di donlot di indo webster loh... surrogates, 9 dll juga udah...


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