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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Literature or Linguistic?

Literature and Linguistic. Should I choose one only? No, It's doesn't mean that I want all of them. It is hard to choose. I love reading, but I don't like the topics that my lecturer explained to me. Ok, I just met her once, I do not judge someone just at first meet. Maybe I have to try one more time and learn about it deeply. She also will explain about a film, though some say that a film is not literature's part.

By the way, I already went to a bookstore this month. Some interesting books I saw and in my opinion, they are worth to read.

A new novel from Dyan Nuranindya.

Wait for the movie next month.

Yummy! This book made me want to go out and looking for lunch.

Err, I think I'm too excited with World Cup 2010 :P

After really fixed to choose literature, the great lecturer explained a awesome thing about linguistic. It is looks challenging than literature. One of my friends also think about it. Ooh, let me think about this later.

ps. Premiere today : Ngebut Kawin

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