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Monday, February 15, 2010

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Out of my plan. I went home late and almost missed Briliant Legancy. I thought that it's a same thing if miss the opening, or the another thing. So, I rather go to the cinema and watch a full movie. Yes, this one. I waited the shown began with read my literature book in 21. So educated, huh?

Read the summary here. I sure you're will mind if I tell the whole story and also the ending here.

The girls next to me was really annoyed. They came late and whispered unimportant things. Well, I thought that I would watch it in quite because I saw the theater isn't full when I bought a ticket.

I was compared many things in this movie with Harry Potter. Like the same director for the first movie and a shoes with wings looks like snitch.

It's not my fault if I did it, because some people really did it too. Though, I don't like did it.

This movie are fun and entertaining, not really serious like Harry Potter. There are a lot of humor from Grover, the junior Percy's protective and also his best friend. And their blue eyes really beautiful. Is it really yours? Percy yelling "WOOW" many times and I enjoy it. My favorite parts perhaps . Some parts make me confuse, like did he really using iPod for against Medusa? and I think I should read the book.

HOLD ON! Don't be hurry when the end-credit appears. Just sit for a while and you'll get a surprise in the end. Trust me. I really thankful that I did it.


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