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Monday, April 5, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon

Well, it been a while that I didn't write any review because -of course- I didn't watch any movie. My schedule engaged with many progress tests, a ton of tasks and student's meeting about event in the end of year. My mood turns like roller coaster lately. In a minute, I can't be mad with someone and say bad thing. But next I can laugh with s/he. So ridiculous.

At that time, I tried to watch some movies from YouTube or re-watch my DVD collection. But I can't finish them at all. When I play movie on my computer, I can pause it or stop it by my self. It doesn't like when I watch in cinema and I have to finish it, like it or not.

I thought that I really really need to watch a movie, whatever it is, NOW!

and I watched this.

check the summary here

Haha, I became an autism person when I watch this. Laughed alone and ate popcorn alone. Very enjoy with the movie. Actually the lovers were sit next to me and annoying girls didn't stop yelled annoying word ruined it. I wanted to say, shut the hell up! Sadly, I didn't watch it in 3D. I have no much money (remember, it is an end of month!). I rather watch it in 2D than didn't watch it at all.

The story was unpredictable, at that time. When I was writing it and thought about the plot, I think it's a simple story but I enjoy that. Just forget about it then. My favorite thing from this movie is, absolutely, the dragons. In my mind, I just think that dragon always in the huge size. Althought I found many size of it in this movie, also the smallest one. My favorite dragon? Don't ask about it because you already know, it's Toothless.

It just my eyes which are wrong or the view is so ordinary. I can't find amazing colors or awesome scenes that make me say, "WOOW!". Perhaps I can feel it if I watch the 3D. The nicest thing from it is the jokes. I laughed and laughed. Hahaha.


  1. yang di film ama di buku beda banget loh... baca aja lah... no comment aku mah...

  2. adaptasi buku ke film pasti ada perbedaannya, cuma masalah tingkat kebedaannya itu.
    kalo hasilnya sama persis kayak dibuku, apa gunanya dong diangkat jadi film.

  3. I also very enjoy this movie. Yes, the 3D is excellent (sayang gak nonton di 3D). Agreed with u, the dragons all are very loveble dan funny. Very nice story and a total fun movie.


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