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Monday, May 31, 2010

10 Movie Facts About Me (Meme)

I read the same post on Vampibots and thought, I think I want to do the same, although I don't know what "Meme" means. Here they are!

1. The first movie that I watch in cinema was Petualangan Sherina.

2. Pocong 2 makes me give up to watch Indonesia horror movie. Please, I always sleep with bolster.

3. My guilty pleasure is The Twilight Saga. You know I write it too much here, such as novel, movie and also comic!

4. My favorite actor is Matt Damon. I adore him after watched The Bourne Identity. Until now, I already watched The Bourne Trilogy, Oceans 11, 12, and 13, Saving Private Ryan, The Departed, and Syriana.

5. Watched Heart, Sang Dewi and Queen Bee FREE!

6. Never ever discard the ticket and always put it around my mirror. But I can't do it again, the mirror is full now.

7. I watch a movie all alone for the first time when I watched Jumper.

8. Say NO to pirated DVDs. It because my computer can't play it :( I have bought a few and now it just pile my desk up.

9. The dance movie, like Step Up and Center Stage, is the movie that most entertaining for me. I don't have to think to much, just enjoy the show.

10. What else? Oh yeah, I watched Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix in the front row. How bad it is.

Do you want to do this? Lets do it!


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