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Saturday, May 15, 2010

30 Books To Movies: Dealova ( And A New Book Challenge)

The book

The book so phenomenal for me. Everybody talked about it and almost them bought it. I bought it also. I was thirteen at that time and the book spend my money so much.

Actually the story is so simple. The girl named Karra, who play basket ball well and boyish, have to choose the boy between Dira and Ibel. Dira is so cruel sometime, on other hand Ibel is the nice one. Well, it's not simple as what I wrote, the conflict also add there. Like her brother had a problem with his girlfriend and study abroad, the mean girls in her school who are also adore Dira and what she feels after Dira pass away (ups, I leak the story).

My favorite part is when Karra read a letter from Dira after the funeral.

" Karra,
Maaf. . . karena selalu membuat kamu marah
Maaf. . . karena selalu membuat kamu benci sama aku
Maaf. . . atas semua kepedihan yang aku timbulkan
Maaf. . . karena selalu membuat kamu ngalah dalam segala hal
Maaf. . . karena aku selalu keras kepala
Maaf. . . karena telah membuat kamu masuk ke dalam kehidupanku
Maaf. . . karena aku harus pergi ninggalikn kamu . . .

Terima kasih . . . karena kamu telah membuat hari-hariku indah
Terima kasih . . . karena kamu telah memperlihatkan mata yang paling indah yang pernah kulihat
Terima kasih . . . karena amu telah membuat aku memiliki semangat untuk hidup
Terima kasih . . . karena kamu selalu menganggap aku pintar
Terima kasih . . . karena kamu membuatku sadar bahwa kita harus berjuang untuk hidup dan bahwa hidup ini harus diarungi melalui semangat, perjuangan, dan kemauan keras
Terima kasih . . . karena kamu memberikan terbesar dalam hidupku
Terima kasih . . . karena kamu telah luar biasa sabar menghadapi aku

Karena telah mengajari aku untuk mendoakan agar orang yang aku cintai bahagia
Karena telah mengubah hidupku yang kosong
Karena telah menjadi satu-satunya orang yang bisa membuatku mengalah
Karena telah memberikan sesuatu yang selama ini nggak bisa aku kasih ke kamu
Karena telah menjadi wanita yang luar biasa dan nggak tertandingi yang pernah masuk dalam kehidupanku

Terima kasih . . . karena kamu telah menjadi bidadariku selama ini

Aku nggak akan ke mana-mana . . .

-Dira- "

The movie

The novel is good although it feels cheesy if I read it now. But the movie is so lack. The movie of course brings Ben Joshua become a rising star. But people who don't read the novel before, will confused with the story.

In the novel, Karra went to Bali with Ibel and friends. She found that she can move on by accept her relationship with Ibel to higher level. In the movie, Ibel invited Karra to go cruise. Karra just have to choose to go or not. Finally, of course she's go. But what the point?

I watched it many times on TV. I never finish watch the whole film. Well, I think I finished once. Do you want to watch it?

The song

This song made me know that Dewa 19's vocalist name is Once XD

This challenge not completed yet. But I want to join another challenge. It's called 3 4 5 Reading Challenge.

Rules of this challenge:
  1. It will run from August 1, 2009 to August 1, 2010
  2. You may sign up at any point in this time period
  3. To complete the challenge, you must read THREE books from one series, FOUR books from another series, and FIVE books from another series
    (For example: Song of Fire and Ice trilogy by George RR Martin, the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer, and five of the Chronicles of Narnia books)
  4. You do not have to choose your books ahead of time (but are more than welcome to)
  5. You do not have to 'complete' a series (i.e. you don't have to read a trilogy for your three book requirement - just 3 books from the same series)
  6. Only books that you read between August 1, 2009 and August 1, 2010 count
  7. The books you read may count for other challenges

The time to complete this challenge is less that four months away. I hope I can finish it properly and on time. I have already chose what books would I read. But there is no idea for the five series. Any idea?

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