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Friday, May 14, 2010

Books of the Month

I often come home in the afternoon lately. So I decide to cut the hangout session with friends and go home earlier. But I can't passed Gramedia. Moreover I didn't visit yet. It's out of my plan (again).

Surprise!! I met with my senior high school's friend there. She works in the DVD corner. Yeah, yeah, I wish she give me a discount (just a joke). Sadly, I forgot to take a picture with her. I just took my silly face.

The books :)

Why I not really interesting with the books? Am I too tired and push myself? However, I can finished a novel there. It was about an hour and half. The title is Rahasia. Just another teen's life. Predictable story but still entertaining for me.

It was fun to read a novel there, as free. Probably I'll try it again, hahaha

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