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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ich Liebe Dich, Der Panzer!

I am not too late to post about world Cup. The match just coming and started! What team do you support? My answer is Germany!

Oops, Ballack is absent for this year.

This event is the third World Cup that I watch. I started watch the match at 2002. I support Germany. The reason is Oliver Khan.

They was on final match. But Brazil got the trophy.

As you know, I was cry while watched it.

World Cup 2006 was so awesome. Germany was the host. I also was learned the German language. I think I know what the real name of German language, I forget it. Especially for me, they had a match at June 20 and won it. It was a gift for me who celebrate the birthday. Sadly, they got the third place.

This year, I hope Germany will be a winner. Their latest match was really good. They don't even give the Australian a chance to get a point.

I wonder why people more support Brazil, England or Argentine. Just a few who said Germany. Germany is great team. But it's doesn't mean that other teams not great. Well, just support your favorite team and play fair.

p.s. they don't a match at June 20 :(

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    BRASIL merupakan negara yang paling sukses di kencah Piala Dunia. Betapa tidak, Tim Samba berhasil mengemas lima kali gelar juara dunia yakni pada 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 dan 2002.

    Penunjukan Carlos Dunga, 2006 pada silam, memang sempat mendapatkan kritikan dari media massa setempat. Sebab, pengalaman yang dimiliki eks gelandang timnas Brasil itu dinilai masih minim.

    Namun, Dunga mampu menjalankan tugas dengan baik. Pelatih 46 tahun tersebut berhasil membawa Brasil lolos ke Piala Dunia dengan predikat juara Zona Amerika Selatan.

    Kendati tergabung dalam Grup G pada Piala Dunia 2010 bersama Portugal, Pantai Gading, Korea Utara dan Selandia Baru, namun Ricardo Kaka dkk masih menjadi negara unggulan untuk menambah koleksi gelar.



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