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Sunday, June 6, 2010

It Doesn't Mean That I Hate It . .

But actually when I watch a movie, the part to write a review make me tired and stress. My English is bad and it worst! Well, I can write it in Bahasa Indonesia. Yet I impose it in English. My ego.

My ego.


It makes me remember about what I watched last night. Casino Royale.

Search the trailer and the synopsis by your self. I really tired and wanna end this quickly. Sorry :(

The fight scenes in the beginning was awesome! I yelled many times, not too loud, it almost mid night, ooh it so a shame.

Eva Green aka Vesper sooooooooo beautiful. I love her accent and how she speaks cynical to Bond.

The poker . . hmm, I don't understand at all. But I enjoy when Bond bet all that his own.

He looks like Jason Bourne.

During that time, I know many scenes are deleted. Yeah, I know what that channel thought. But it is a mid night. I sure people who watching it are not kids. Me? Probably I have cute face and look innocent, but I'm almost 19.

The funny thing is I just back for check my cell phone when he said " My name is Bond. James Bond" and the credit title appeared.

"Hei Dhyn, I thought you get stressful when write a review?"

Oh yes. But I can't post the video below without any details about the movie.

I love it. I repeated it many times since I found it and wanna repeat it again.

Happy Sunday :D

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