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Monday, June 28, 2010

Knight and Day

I do not like when I wanted to stay home but on the other hand my Dad asked me to go to campus to get a letter. Super damn lazy to do that! But I did it. After back from campus, I just spent less than a hour there, I was not directly home. Yet blamed it to Tom Cruise!

June Havens lies to get fight home and attend her sister wedding. She meets Roy Miller and talk to each other. Then she realize that Miller is secret agent or something. Another agents are need a battery that he brings. Unlucky, she with him and also be a target. She have to run with him to Austria, Spain and even a small island. Watch the trailer here.

I was not interesting to watch it. The poster is bad. So I didn't expect something special. I watched it alone, as always. Thanks God, there is not one ruins it by talk to her/his friends or comment as s/he know a lot. In fact, the movie are so funny and amuse me. The jokes are different and make me LOL.

I never thought that Tom Cruise would be so funny here. The last movie that I watched is Mission Impossible: III. Cameron Diaz, hm . . she's play well too but I don't like her eyes. She tired or something I don't know. It makes her so old in my opinion.

The things that make me wonder are the title and the ending. Why they named it 'Knight and Day'? My first thought in the middle of it is they took 'Knight' from the family name of Miller before he became a secret agent. How about 'Day' ? And the ending. Diaz as June (I love her name. It's June and my born month) has a skill to be a secret agent, then she kidnap Miller and bring him to go holiday?

Well, except those, the movie is recommended to watch. The clip. I hope could find other which is funnier than this.

I found this international poster a day after watched it. It's too late.

I really love the soundtrack. I stayed for a while until the song was over.

ps. Germany won the match last night. Bye bye England :)

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