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Monday, June 21, 2010

Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park

My final exam not done yet. I really really can't keep my promise lately. I need a screen, a story, a twist and finally watch this movie.

Actually I wanna watch this with my friend who admire Titi Sjuman . But my schedule was so hectic and every time I was free, she can't go or we suddenly have to do something. Oh yeah, we are classmate. Seems weird with it. At Monday I was free and I don't know where she went. And as always, I watched alone. And another thing that happened is I miss the beginning!

Watch the trailer here.

It isn't the movie still. So hard to find them. So I just took it from their official facebook.

The story tells about Mayang went to Hongkong as TKI/TKW ( Indonesia labor) to looking for her sister, Sekar, who also work there first. She find that the relationship between Indonesian labor to another Indonesian labor is so close. Everybody, who don't know her can know what her problem. In Hongkong, she meets Gandi or usually calls by Indonesian labor's dad, who always help her and also looking for Sekar and Vincent, Gandi's friend, who has a crush on her. When Mayang finally found Sekar, she confuses. Do she really want Sekar back?

The story jumped from past to now and to past again. I don't have problem with it. It makes the film different, especially for me. They also showed how beautiful and crowed Hongkong is at day and night. You can see from the pictures that I put. The cast such as Lola Amaria, Titi Sjuman, Donny Damara and the special reason why I watch it, Donny Alamsyah played well!

The Java accent was so thick. It is new for me. Because, based on my experience, Sundanese and Betawi were the accent, dialect or something like that which used in movie. I won't understand if I don't read the translate.

The other thing that mesmize me is they had a double job. For example, Lola Amaria not only play as Mayang, she also the director. Titi Sjuman beside play as Sekar, she worked as music director with her husband. Some of crew also had a chance. Their play as Indonesias labor who not only appears in seconds but they built the story and make it real. They really work hard for this!

But there are the disappointed part for me. How Sekar's problem solved? Mayang just meet and hub her then everything was changed? And the ending scene when Kangen Band perform seems like music show which always held every morning and lipsync! That's just my opinion.

Wow, I never expect to write a looooong review like this. It is means that the movie is really great. But unfortunely, just a few of people that watch it. It not enough to keep it on cinemas. It is changed with another Indonesia's movie. So sad :(

The last thing from this movie that I wanna share is the soundtrack!

This song play when Mayang and Vincent went together by boat (the last picture up there). So romantic! Another songs also too good to be miss. I wrote this during listen to the soundtrack. Lets wait for the CD and the next movie from Donny Alamsyah, the sequel of Merah Putih :D

ps. I got a Wake novel from my friends. Thank you @nya_nyun @justpoet @quinshaazivanna

The funny fact is they have ask what gift that I want for my birthday last week. I gave the infomation where and how much money to get the novel. They even showed the novel to me when we have a late lunch. So I already know before. They asked me to feel surprise when accept it. And I did it. LOL

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  1. Hello Dini! Thanks for sharing the review.
    Yes, this movie is great. Great music, great picture. I like how Titi Sjuman acted as Sekar and oh ya..Lola as Lola as Mayang. I like Dony Alamsyah too whom I thought He was Indonesian's Chinese in Hong Kong,lol... his cantonis accent is almost perfect. Not like titi Sjuman's or Sari (who played Sari?)

    This movie is very much better than Indonesian sexy lady movies or ghost movies or "sinetron". Those are suck!

    This Minggu Pagi di Victoriqa Park really different. But this differently has made a new feeling. Especially for the domestic worker in Hong Kong. Dini, I am a TKW-Hong Kong too. I do really feel uneasy when Lola wrap the story this way. Of course she has already tried her best, and I appreciate that but still...

    What she had shown on that movie is all the bad thing about Indonesian domestic worker in Hong Kong, such as lesbian, having free sex with Pakistan, debt and all...

    This makes a lot of people may think negative about TKW Hong Kong, which is not right. There are a lot more TKW Hong Kong who can survive from bad influence and bad relationship.

    It's not fair to us. We feel so down.

    note: Indonesian band such as kangen Band, Peterpan, The Virgin, Slima Band, Hijau Daun and many others frequently come to Hong Kong. Either Indonesian Conculate or Indonesian Domestic Helper Organization called them to come to Hong Kong to entertain us here.


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