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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Officially Nineteen :D

The day that I waited from the beginning of 2010 finally come.

The day that always makes me happy, full of wishes and narcissistic.

The day that give me a new number of life.

My birthday :D

The theme for this year is MESMERIZE. I took the word from Rivermaya's song which is titled Bali Song. Actually I already named this post with it. But 'Officially Nineteen' sounds more catchy for me.

The color of the word is showing the Germany's flag color. So sad that they beated by Serbia two days ago.

I supported them with all that I can do. I wore Germany's t-shirt which I bought that day too. The t-shirt felt so hot when the match over. I wish they will win the last match and go to the next stage.

Usually, every birthday I go with another birthday girl, AB, she also born at June 20, 1991. She just an hour before me. Go to the cinema, watch a summer movie and eat fast food. But this year, we can't do it again. The reason are our final exam haven't done yet, we studying on a different campus, she has a boyfriend, and it's Sunday. The ticket is expensive. But we still send a SMS, write on Facebook's wall and tweet the 'Happy Birthday' wishes.

Hei, I just found another friend who born at June 20 too. He is my friend on Twitter. Happy birthday Elafiq :D

Update! The wishes from Twitter

I also retweeted them XD

Update! #NowPlaying

Update! The gifts.

Who's gave you those gift? The answer is myself. So sad uh? Not for me. It is the special gift for me to keep my life clear without drugs or smoking, thankful to God for this wonderful life, and the happiness come if you'll try to reach it and I try to reach it by my way like this. Don't push people to give you a gift if what happen next is you not really like it or even no need it. Just you who know what you want.

Wondering what it is?

Jan: The Time Traveler's Wife novel
Feb: A little jar with money inside :P
March: A cellphone chain
Apr: A Germany mug
Jun: The Informant vcd

I started it from January til June. I also wrote a notes every gift which are told what happen, who's with me, why I go there and etc. Actually, it must be May but I had a very hectic and stressful days on May.

Now I'm going to watch The Informant with him =*


The Informant were so funny and also dark. I wanna make a looooong post but write a review about the movie will make this post more than looooong. Perhaps I will post it a few days later.

Um, what the next? I feel tired and suddenly remember about my last final exam tomorrow. I have to practice and decide what will I wear too ;)


There is something that makes this year different and special.


He always stay by my side in night. Hear my stories, cure my hurt, tell our world, accompany me to watch a movie. He even let me woke up late today.

Actually he is not my boyfriend. He's more than it. He's my friend, my brother, and my enemy.

I realize it after seven years.

The third gift is representation of him. The first word of his name. The reason why I do love Eiffel so much. Now I know =*

The last update!

I think it is enough. Now I will reply the wishes, your wishes on my Facebook account. Too bad, I can share here like what I did with tweets. But I still wanna share the funnies or special one. Cynthia: [wlau mzi h-1jm,,]
Happy birthday y, Miss Movie Madness,,
...Mga tmbh dwasa, pnjng umur, ñ smwa keinginan kmu bsa trcpai,,
Wish U all the best dh,pkokny mh...

Justpoet: hmmmm,,you know laah..apa yg bkl put ucapin...hhaha..
pko'y met hri lahir yg k 19 ajja..
n yg suda d ktahui oleh dikau..kado mnyusul nti snin( jng lupa tu hari sklyn traktiran yoo)..wkwkwkw.
ei ei put yg ngucapin prtama yh d tgl 20 ni?!..horeeeeeee.. :]

Anya: akhirny dindin 19 jg!!
happybornday ya dindin ..
wish u all d'best .
muaach :*

Sari Yuli: yes..yes ! Bsk mkan2 kn ? :p
Habby pirthday ya bu sensus.. :)
Smga d pnjangkn apa yg mw kau panjangkan.. :D Mayang: neng dhyn geulis ,wilujeng nepang taun nyak :)
semoga tambah pinter ,tambah imut kaya ayang :p ,pokonya semua yang terbaik buat neng dhyn ditaun ini dan seterus.ny ..
amiin amiin amiin ya robbal alamiin ..

Riizka Utoo: Dincruut... Selamat Hari Besar ya. Semoga tdk ada nilai mata kuliah yg C. Amin!! Dan semoga tiba2 si dini nraktir aq. Hahaha

Rizki: Happy birthday my dear..

Mona: Waaah Iroh tambah uzurrr!
selamat ya Iroh.
wish u all d best for ur life,love,and education.

Jayanti: says...
ap kbar???
huppy bdays yyah??
wish u all the bestt...

Ryan Aditya: Happy birthday. Wash all of your face, eh? :p

Mahargian: HBD..!!
WUATB !! Go 19 !! but im still 18.. hhaa.. you're so old..

Dossy even sent my this picture. I want a GERMANY cake!

Thank you for my elementary school's friends, junior high school's friends, senior high school's friends, campus's friends, my facebook's friends, my senior high school teacher, senior high school canteen's owner, my adorable tutorial teacher, and my latest crush on. Thank you! Muach muach.

What a wonderful day. Good night Z_z

ps. visit my new blog. I will share something, the thought, the weird one there :D

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