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Thursday, June 24, 2010

WAKE then FADE until GONE

Three books for three days. It's amazing for me. Especially I read them in English. Um, actually two of them. I have a bad experience before. Do you remember Jumper? Yeah, it is. I have no idea when I can finish read it.


The story tells about Janie Hannagan, a poor student. She work hard at Heather Home for get money to college. But, nobody knows that she often sucked on people's dreams. Especially about fall, naked and sex. She wants not Carrie, her best friend or even her drunk mother know. She knows that everybody will think that she crazy.

She keeps that curse alone. Try to survive and help to make the dreams better though she do not know how. But not again when Cabel Strumheller comes into her life. He has crush on her. She is also so though Cabel seems like hide something from her. On the other hand, someone's dream pull her in. She not only a witness now. She also involve there.

I get the novel from my friends. It's my birthday gift. I already posted before. At the first chapter, I felt bored and kinda regret to requested it as my birthday gift. But suddenly, when Cabel come, everything better. I think I have crush on too. Sorry, Janie XD

I like how McMann control the atmosphere. My heart beat faster when changed the pages. I also like how she wrote it.

Wrote what Janie feels.


Then her thought.


Just like what I did here.

My favorite part is when Janie get out from Cabel's dream and asked how can he speak, like send a message to her in his dream. Cabel on the air now.


In the second book, Janie have a job to find who is the predator sexuality in Fieldridge High. A teacher. She try to come in everybody's dream on her school. Cabel also help her though he doesn't like the idea to get Janie in in this job. He loves her. He wants she safe.

Janie found the teacher. His name is Durbin. He is the teacher of Janie's favorite subject. So she don't get any trouble to be closer with him. Durbin make a party twice a year and Janie suppose there is where Durbin have a sex with students. But why no one complain? How can he keep the student's mouth off?

Mean while, Captain Komisky, her and Cabel's boss give her a files about another dream catcher, Mrs Stubin. Janie surprised. Mrs Stubin is her blind patient at Heather Home who die months ago. She freaking out after read the files, moreover something inside the green notebook. Oh no! No! She want not to be blind too!

I do curious about what I happen next. Moreover, there is a synopsis about the second book. I have no budget to buy it. I don't even want to go out. So I looked for it on web and I found it! Really happy.

The second novel is so wild. I was eating when read the part Janie went to Durbin's party and everything messed up. Suddenly I felt full and pushed the plate away. I can feel what Cabel feels.

I read it in four hours. It was a record. I think the way McMann wrote it make me feel free and nothing pushed me. Enjoyable. I didn't even move from chair. The story is fucking awesome!

My favorite part is what Cabel wrote in email for Jannie. Although they sitting so close.

" Dear J.,

I want to explain something.

After my dad set me on fire…Well…He died in jail while I was still in the hospital getting skin grafts. And I never got to tell him how much he hurt me. Not just physically, but inside, you know? So I took it out on other things for a while. I’m better now. I got counseling for it, and I’m really better. But I’m not perfect. And I’m still fighting it. See…You’re, like, the only person I have in my life that I really care about. I’m selfish about that. I don’t want anybody to touch you. I want to keep you safe. That’s why I hate this assignment so much. Now that I have you, I’m afraid to see you get hurt or messed up, like I was. I’m afraid I’ll lose you, I guess.

I wish you could always be safe. I worry a lot. If you weren’t so damned independent…Ah, well. *smile* As much as we have been through in the past few months, we still don’t know each other very well, do we? I want to change that about us. Do you? I want to know you better. Know what makes you happy and what scares you. And I want you to know that about me, too.

I love you.

I will try to never hurt you again.

I know I’ll screw up. But I’ll keep trying, as long as you let me.

Cabe "


The last book. Janie make herself ready for a blind life. She spent a holiday with Cabel and his brother. She sees and remembers everything that she pretty sure will missed if she already blind later. But Carrie suddenly called and told that her mother was sick and she arrived her to hospital. Janie went there quickly with Cabel.

Everything actually was fine. Her mother wasn't sick. She just visit Henry. He is Janie's father. Her mother want not to talk about it. It makes Janie mess up. It ruins her relationship, her job and everything that she do. She try to come into her father's dream. The dream was static and confusing. Lucky her, Mrs Stubin is there and together they help him.

Janie feels that there's the difference when she see her father. The feeling is the same with the way when she see Mrs. Stubin. Cabel thinks that Henry is a dream catcher too. They try to figured it out by visit the Henry's house and he's right. Janie realize that her father isolated himself to be normal and that's the reason why he leaved her mother. She think about the idea, isolate herself. But how about her mother, Carrie, her job and Cabel?

I kept the novel for next day although I thought I can finish it quickly. My head so heavy with FADE things and I afraid if what happen next is similar with Jumper. Thankful that I did it. I finished it 50 minutes faster that previous. I was so excited. I have no idea if I directly read it after FADE. It would not happens.

From this book I learn many new words. Most of them are bad. When read it I not understood with many words. I kept going read it. When I finished, I looked for the meaning.


The eye candy word.

Like it.

My favorite part is the last chapter, Janie's decision. It made me breathless. Make me try to think about my life too. DON'T READ if you haven't read it yet. It will destroy the taste. Sorry.

" Janie laughs quietly, but inside, she aches a little. For a moment, she left all this trouble behind. And now here she is again, and will be, for a while at least.

It’s hard to get excited about that.

But life goes on.

Everything progresses in one direction or another. Relationships, abilities, illnesses, disabilities.

School. A new life where few will know her. Where few will call her narc girl. But where many will

She sighs.

One day at a time. One dream at a time.

Her choice is made. For now. For today.

“This is it,” she whispers to the buzzing wires. “This is really it.”

The chill of the evening, the preamble to autumn, has arrived, and Janie rubs her bare arms,
covered in goose bumps.

It’s exhausting to think about it all. Quietly, she goes inside. Locks the door behind her. Slips off
her shoes and tosses her backpack on the couch. But before Janie says a last good night tonight,
she has just one more task in mind.

She pads on bare feet down the short hallway in the quiet night.

And pauses at the portal to another world.

There’s just one more sorrow’s dream to change. "

So this is the end of my curious feeling. So sad but everything has an end. The only way to make it better is think that there will be a movie version. Yeaaaaah! Miley Cyrus will plays as Janie. Uh, I don't like her. But it doesn't mean that I hate her. I just . . never mind. Lets waiting the movie!

ps. I feel a little scared when were writing this. I don't why. Perhaps I need a song. Please.

ps again. Germany won!

I fell asleep in the second half and just woke up a minute to saw Ozil's goal.

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