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Monday, July 5, 2010

3 Hati 2 Dunia 1 Cinta

Helloooo July! Lets started this month with Indonesian movie. This movies is adapted from books by Ben Sohib. I've been waiting for it since know when the film will produced. It was easy to got the ticket. Everybody prefer Eclipse than this.

Watch the trailer here.

The story tells about Rosid has a frizzy hair. Mansur, his father very angry with it. Because his son can't wear a white cap as usual as Muslim. Rosid still keep his hair like that because he thinks that a white cap is not a Muslim rules. It's just an Arabian culture.

On the other hand, Rosid has a girlfriend. Her name is Delia. They are a happy couple. But there is a distance between them. They have a different religion. Mansur of course get angry again. He asks help to his sister to looking for a single woman to get married with Rosid as soon as possible. Mansur's sister got it and her name is Nabila. Rosid like Nabila but his heart fullfil by Delia. What should he do?

The movie so romantic. Rosid very mature with a religion issue yet he can be a gentleman with woman. I like when he reads a poetry for his mom. He really loves his family though he always fight with his father. I also love his giggling in the end his line if he talking with women. Hm, about his father, Mansur, I don't know what is his real name. But he saves the movie and make the theater LOL. Unfortunely, he speaks too fast and it's hard to catch where is the funny part. I have read the first book so it's not difficult. But how about others?

But I felt a little bit boring in the middle because the issue about the white cap disappear. The movie more focus about Delia-Rosid-Nabila romance. Why they haven't focus for the romance from the beginning? Or give us a resolution for that issue then moves to the romance part. For Baschin aka Nabila, she play well but her voice too slow. Perhaps this is a reflection of a perfect Muslim girl. She just a sweetener I think. Moreover she's better here than when play in tons of sex education movies.

I have not read the second book so I don't know what happen in the end. I guess Delia will married to Rosid. But . . . I won't leak here. watch it!


  1. I have watched the film on youtube but since my knowledge of indonesian is very limited, I couldn't understand what happened at the end (plus the words at the end were very blurry)..Soalan aku, Apakah Delia menikah Rosid? Could you say iya or tidak, because I'm so curious about it!! Terima kasih, thanks a whole lot.

  2. Sadly, Rosid and Delia not married at the end of the movie. But they live happily with their soulmates :)


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