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Saturday, July 24, 2010

30 Books To Movies : The Tale of Despereaux

The book

The story is about Despereaux Tilling, a mouse. He's too small as a mouse and has a big ears. He likes read a book and fall in love with a princess who lives at the castle, Pea. He even talked to her. Because of it, the mouses council punish him by throw him underground to jail which is so dark and full of rats.

Meanwhile, in that darkness lives Roscuro, a rat who likes a light world. He ever go up stairs and smell how delicious is a soup. But suddenly he falls into the queen's soup and makes her dies. So t king makes the new rules that soup is an illegal food and the rats is a cruel animal. Roscuro's heart broke and he promise that someday he will revenge.

Then come a idiot girl, Miggery Sow. She has a simple dream yet impossible. She wants to be a princess. But no one ever hear what she wants. She meets Roscuro when she delivers a meal for a jail keeper. Roscuro invite Miggery to kidnapped Pea and then she becomes a real princess.

Despereaux hears it. This is the time to be a knight and safe the princess that he loves.

When started read it, I felt a little regret to bought it home. The story is for who's younger than me. I not excited to read it and just read it before go to bed and it's feels like a bed stories for me. However, the story made me stay to read more and more again. I love the story and how's it telling.

Despereaux, with all his failure teach a simple thing that important but easy to forget, be brave to get what you want. Another good point also can I get from Roscuro character. He's a rat, not good enough but he try to be different and better than another rats. I can feel how hurts the way he called as rat, but actually he is really a rat. But I don't like the way Miggery says "shucks!" at the beginning of her sentences. It's annoying. But that's the reason why she appear.

I like the way when the narrator explain about how delicious is soup. After finished read it, I suddenly wanted to eat soup and I cooked it. Although it is not good enough, hahaha.

The movie

Watch the trailer here.

Many differences at the movie. So I not really enjoy the movie at the first 30 minutes. Roscuro tells as a tourist and actually he's a good rat. He become a bad rat after he realizes how disgusting rats is on Pea's eyes. Yes, Pea is the princess that Despereaux loves. She's better here. In the book, she is so perfect. But here she has emotions and shows that she are sad, mad and happy. The differences also in the Miggery's past. Ah, I not really care of her. She still wants to be a princess. I admit that I prefer her in the book than here.

Princess Pea: What are you, a mouse?
Despereaux: No... I'm a gentleman.

That's the differences that I hate. Oh, in fact I found something better here. The story is more heroic in my opinion. Despereaux here is more brave, more curious and more cute. You have to watch when he fly. Yes, he can fly. He don't even has a wings but he has a very big ears!

Is the is a bed stories for me, the movie version is kinda a movie for holiday and just enjoy it. But I choose this that the book. Especially Despereaux fly here XD

The song

The soup thing not really important here. Despereaux even denied to taste it. What a bad mouse! But I cooked soup again after watch it.


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  4. kyaaaaa....aku juga suka banget The Tale of Despereaux. Jaman SMA, bukunya entah kemana >.<


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