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Monday, July 19, 2010

Despicable Me

In my opinion, people still excited with Eclipse so they didn't interesting enough with another one. Was so easy to got the ticket. Actually, I get a ticket if watch a movie even the box office or the most waited . Yeah, all alone again.

Check the trailer here

The movie tells about the no #1 villain in the world, Gru, threatened to lost his title because of a new villain who successful stole a pyramid. So, he plans the biggest heist in the history of the world. He is going to steal the moon with help from Dr. Nefario and minions.

First he must get a loan from Bank of Devil. Mr. Perkins interesting with Gru's plan. But, he not really trust Gru. He wants a evidence and it is a diminutival gun. It's so easy to stole that. But Vector, someone who stole the pyramid come and stole it from Gru. Gru try to steal it back. He did everything to get into Verctor's house.

Surpising, the three orphan girls can get in so easy. Then Gru have a plan to adopt them and puppet them to get a way in. What happen next is really clear. Margo, Edith and Agnes changed Gru's life.

The story so simple yet touchy and I can predict what happen next. Although, it is made me relax and entertain. The animation movies always have a moral message inside. From this movie, I think it is about family issue. Take a look Gru. He looks like he try to shows the world that he can do something and it's best. But in the bottom of his heart, he just need attention especially from his mother. It's shows from his experience in the past. It similar to me :(

My favorite part is when Gru finally read a bed stories to his adopted girls. It is so funny and also deep. I wondering why Gru scared by his own dog. Oh, I also like the scene when they go to amusing park and ride a rollacoasta. I can't imagine if there was a real rollacoasta with rell as hell as it.

My favorite characters are the minions and of course AGNES! I thought before, when watched the trailers or saw the teaser posters, that the minios would in the whole scenes. Yeah, they have a special scenes in the beginning and credit title. They are very absurd but it is that make them funny.

The cool soundtrack. Every song or instrument really fit with the scenes. I love the end-credit's song, Robin Thicke - My Life. I played it many times in row when wrote this :P

Nothing special with the animation. Because I watched it in 2D. You haven't watched it? My advice is watch it in 3D and tell me how cool it that ;)

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  1. si agnes nya lucuuuu... hahahaha! apalagi pas nepok2 pipi... ahhhh... so cuteee!! hohoho!


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