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Saturday, August 21, 2010

30 Books To Movies: Jumper

The book

One evening, while being physically abused by his father, David Rice unexpectedly teleports (or 'jumps') and finds himself in the local library. The origin of this power is never explained. Vowing never to return to his father's house, David makes his way to New York City. After being mugged and discovering that he can't get a job without a birth certificate and social security number, David robs a local bank by teleporting inside the safe, stealing nearly a million dollars. He then begins a life of reading, attending plays and dining in fancy restaurants. At a play he meets a woman named Millie Harrison, and they spend some time touring New York before she returns to college in Stillwater, Oklahoma. David later visits her in Oklahome, and they begin a romantic relationship. David also manages to locate and reunite with his long lost mother, Mary Niles. Mary left the family after being severely beaten by David's father, and all her attempts to contact David over the years were interrupted by his father.
The New York police start investigating David after he saves a neighbor from an attack by jumping her abusive husband to a park, as the husband turns out to be a cop. The investigation drives David to move to Oklahoma, where he gets an apartment near Millie. One night while David is out, the police are in his New York City apartment when Millie calls, and Millie breaks up with him after learning that he is being pursued by the police.
Mary, who was on a business trip, is murdered by terrorists when her plane is hijacked. David then sets out to find Rashid Matar, the terrorist responsible for his mother's death. David starts jumping to Algeria to search for Matar, having to dodge the police almost every time he is there. While he is searching for the terrorist, he and Millie eventually reconcile. However, the National Security Agency, led by veteran agent Brian Cox, become suspicious when they find out he can get from Algeria to the United States in only a few hours. When he is questioned, David decides to jump out of the NSA office with Cox and several other agents witnessing his powers. Cox and the NSA then become determined to capture David so they can use his powers. After numerous failures to grab David, Cox takes Millie hostage in order to get to him. (source)

I took months to finished this. I was so busy and forgot my One-Chapter-One-Day schedule. I am a little bit uncomfortable with the issue too. So I sometimes forgot who is it? Why he did it? Sounds weird right. But I tried to finished it, I don't want to feel like have a 'stalker' inside my computer.

Davy seems fragile yet strong, because he hurts by his experiences. Kinda surprised that Millie is older than him. It's not a habit here. Well, sometimes it is but not much. In my opinion, the author set it because Davy need someone to raises him like his mother. My favorite part is when Davy and Millie recorded how he is jump. It is also explain what the jump theory. What I got from it is you may revenge to who's you loved, but you can't bring s/he back alive.

The Movie

Watch the trailer here.

The story changed a lot here. Millie was his school mates. His mother is another Jumper and his father died then. So there is not terrorist issue here. But something here make me interesting that beside Jumper there also Paladin. They are member of a secret society dedicated to killing all Jumpers, who know of his ability and have the technology to disable him.

The film was good although it is not awesome. Nothing special with the places that Davy visited. The writer should visit Indonesia someday, if they want to film the second book later. Hayden Christensen play well but he still clumsy. He bet practice more.

My favorite scene is when Davy robbed the bank and brought the money to his room. So mad with money.

Which one I like the most? The movie. The Paladin make it better.

Curious? Watch it below.

The song

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