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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Before Sunrise

One of my most-wanted-to-watch movie. First time I know about it is when I saw the review in teen magazine. I cut it and glued it on my diary. Now I already glued it in my heart as on of my favorite movie. I fall in love with it before and after watched this.

Actually the movie already on YouTube. Watch it by click here.

While traveling through Europe on a train, a twenty-something American male meets a young French woman. It's his last day before returning to the US, but the two impulsively agree to spend his few remaining hours together. (source)

So romantic and a bit complicated.

How can you meet someone out there and feeling like you already found your soulmate? You are fit each other and wanna keep together. It's about one to . . all people in the world. Beautiful stranger, I think.

Simple story with very smart dialogues. Just follow them explorer around Wina and also each other personality. I can not wrote much. Because the power of this movie is in their dialogues. It was just sweet, sweet, and sweeeeeeet!

My favorite and also people that already watched this is this.

Also these are so smart statements.

 " I , every day, scared to death "

" I hate when the media tries to control our mind "

Yeah, the translate are something like that. Go watch and you will understand the reason why I love this statement. I looking for the sequel, Before Sunset. I wish I wish could watch it as soon as possible. So hectic this week. :D

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