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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Claudia / Jasmine

I felt so sick of movies. I rented three movies and until the day I have to send them back, I was just watched one. With tons of assignments and eBooks, I forced my self to finished it. Then I just watched another one movie with my friends.

Watch the trailer here.

Claudia, 17 years-old girl, dreamed that there is a beautiful day and she will found her first love. She meets Tody, her senior and fall in love. Tody is his first love and boyfriend. One day, they do something that can destroy their future.

Jasmine, a SPG girl, attend her friend's wedding party. She hopes that she also will meets the right man. Yeah, she meets Jerry who very gentle and amazing. They falling in love each other. But Jasmine can accept him, moreover if Jerry knew her past.


I heard many positive comments for this movie. That's why I curious about it. This is such an unique way to tell a story of someone. I already know who is Claudia/Jasmine. But so funny to saw my friends expression when they have know it later.

My favorite scene is when Jasmine's friend, Lulu, tell that a man is a dog. Like it or not, they would be have an affair with other woman. But a god can be control by practice them. That is what we have to do with our man. Funny yet so true!

The movie also give a lesson about free sex and it is better than another comedy-horror-semi-sex-movie. Recommended!

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