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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Cronicles of Narnia : The Voyage of the Dawn Teader

Out of plan. I planned to watched it with my BFF but so hard to find a free time. I really wanted to watch it. So I watched it with my classmates when our lecturers suddenly canceled classes for a whole day.

Watch the trailer here.

This time around Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, along with their pesky cousin Eustace Scrubb find themselves swallowed into a painting and on to a fantastic Narnian ship headed for the very edges of the world.Joining forces once again with their royal friend Prince Caspian and the warrior mouse Reepicheep, they are whisked away on a mysterious mission to the Lone Islands, and beyond. On this bewitching voyage that will test their hearts and spirits, the trio will face magical Dufflepuds, sinister slave traders, roaring dragons and enchanted merfolk. Only an entirely uncharted journey to Aslan's Country a voyage of destiny and transformation for each of those aboard the Dawn Treader can save Narnia, and all the astonishing creatures in it, from an unfathomable fate. (source)

It is quite disappointed movie for me. I can see a lot of hole plots here. I hate several parts. Let me explain to you.

First, they are easy win. It even remains me with the second book/movie of Harry Potter, when Harry beat Basilik. Come on Edmund, you don't read that series, do you?
Second, I like Lucy's conflict that she wants to as beautiful as her old sister, Susan. But the conflict didn't work out. It is no reflects Lucy's behavior or thought. It ust came and gone with nothing effect.
And I think they should changed the title into The Narnia Diaries. Eustace wrote too many stories. Fyi, I was starting watch The Vampire Diaries, who cares? ;p

Talking about Eustace, he saved the movie IMO. I and my friends was quite joking him around and underestimed him but he made us laughed much. Aslan gave a clue that that silly boy would be in the next adverture. Let see him grow up then ;)

Let see what else than keep me sit and watched. Caspian! He changed a lot. A little more cute than before but I like his leadership in the previous story. And of course Reepicheep!! Heart him so much!

I haven't read the book yet. So I have no idea if it's fit with the story in the book or not. What I know exactly is I don't really like this movie. Sorry for Narnia's fans.

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