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Friday, May 20, 2011

Memories of High School

Today, I went to my senior high school, SMAN 11 Bandung, to delivered an invitation from my departement. Cchyn was very kind to accompany me. There are so many things changed. The classrooms, canteen, even I do not recognized some people. But it was quite interesting to guess who s/he is. I could not stop to said 'ooohhh' or 'woooow' to every single new thing that I found there. It was like I back to my school life and memories came up :D

Beside to send an invitation, I also planned to go to canteen and eat the most favorite meal of the world. It is called Soto Lamongan!!

I was so thankful to taste that food again after left the school, it is almost two year. It is still delicious as ever :D

It was kinda shock when one of employee still remember my name. She is a librarian. She is very kind and wise. She even remember my passion to be an author. But she commented that I become more skinny that she saw me last time :p

I hope I can back again and with more friends to discover our school life :)

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