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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Strange One

2NE1's new single!
It was kinda suprising because the song is so sad and gloomy. It is so different with other 2NE1's songs. The other songs such as Follow Me and Clap Your Hands are full of beat and hip hop sensation. But I still like it very much. Maybe they just tried something new and it works :D

The song itself tells about a girl who is feel lonely even she is sitting next to her boyfriend. How can it be? Is she bored or does not love him anymore? So strange for me, but it happens. As I listen to this song, I was feeling lonely too. My bf are so far far far away out there. Come back soon, sayaaang *intermezzo*

Enjoy your Sunday guys :D

ps. tommorow is Monday but thankful it is day off!
ps2. also Tuesday! It is a looooong weekend for me :)

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