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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Picture Is Worth A Hundred Words

I do not know exactly the real meaning of the statement.

But, well, I admit that that statement is so fucking right. Okay, from a picture, for example a random picture of yours or someone else or even a thing, we can know something even the owner did not telling you directly or you can not know what happen when the picture was take because you do not know where or who the owner is. I can see it, I can feel it and conclude something.

Do you feel the same?

Lets take some excercise by looking the picture of mine. This is the picture from Pesta Blogger 2010, when I, Vicky and Lily won a smartphone. Yipppiiiee!

What the hell was I thinking by the way? The cameras were in front of me but on the contrary, my eyes was going to somewhere else. Can you guess why?

Actually, I not sure enough, but at that time, there was so many cameras, taking our picture from every single angle. I did not know which cameras that I should spead smiles ;p

Then, another thing about photo is that I found such an online photobooth called La Photocabine ! It is so simple and fun. You have to try this sometime. Let me give you some spoiler here ;)

Kinda creepy, eh?

I know it from Putdar's blog. Go click and read her blog. She is inspiring and has many pictures which is awesome. I like it and visit her blog in free time :)

And the last I just wanna say, a picture not only tells a hundred words, it also brings a hundred of problem into your life. Just like what I feel now :(


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