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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Say A Little Pray For Me


I am ill.
I hate to admit it but yes, I am flu for last there days. Can not go anywhere, can not do anything except bed rest. Actually I am still tweeting and blogging but it is just a moment.

I have to get over for this fucking ill. Lots homeworks to do and my final exams are next week! Please pray for me guys. I also tried take medicine which is I hate the most. Hope that it will works.

Thank God that I found an ebook reader apllication in that China cell that I currently use. It accompany me to spend my flu days. I am reading Deception Point by Dan Brown now. Well, it keeps me reading all day and night long until I fell asleep.

I am starting to watch Glee too. I love the way Dianna Agron sing this song *sorry for the bad quality*. Enjoy and happy Sunday :D

ps. Thanks for my boyfriend who was surpising came yesterday. You are so busy but still saved that a half hour for me :D


  1. get well soon honey :(
    and woa, its kinda funny i found a word "my boyfriend" on ur blog. Its sweet. XD

  2. hoa,,,what a nice blogg hehehe hope i can learn from u all,,visit my blogg please leave comment too

  3. kasih saran dong buat blog saya

  4. @Phyqhie: merci. baru kebaca loh hehehehe

    @rascal: makasih udah mampir ke blog aku. coba ditengok dulu ah blog kamunya, baru kasih saran :)


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