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Monday, July 25, 2011

For Your Blog and For My Mind: Favicon

How to change your favicon? It is a question that appeared in my head when found this in my design's blog page.

Favicon is favorite icon and will appear in website that you open. For example is icon 'B' for Blogger or 'G' for Google. Now you can change it as you wish. Follow these step to make it true :D

1. Enter to

2. Choose "import image" that you like

3. "Keep the dimensions" if you think the image is fit and balance between height and weight. But you can change it if you want. Then click "upload"

4. Download and save the favicon. Next enter and go to "layout" page

5. Click edit favicon, upload the image that you already save and save it. Do not forget click "save arrengement"

7. Go check your blog to see if the favicon exist or not.

If not, just calm down. You done the right steps and you do not have to worry. It just takes time. It also happened to me. Go check via Firefox or another browser but Chrome. If the favicon appear, you can smile wide now :D

This tutorial is not made by me. I got it from Honeylizious.

Check her blog to get more tutorials. Beside tutorials, she also wrote about many things that inspiring and make me think a lot. Thanks to her :)


  1. wawwwww.... thanks....

    you make english posting, its mean alot for me, coz my tutorial ini indonesian...

  2. Makasih yah untuk tips yang sangat bermanfaat....
    salam krnal yh....

  3. @honeylizious: hehehehe, makasih juga untuk tutorial yang lainnya. so inspiring :)

    @f4dLy: sama-sama. salam kenal juga :)


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