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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Stories


My class went to U.S Embassy to know and learn about U.S history and culture. Sadly we were not able to brought any cell phone, camera or any unnecessary thing. The rule was so strict and annoying. But it happens to their safety. So I can not give any picture what happened in there. Something I remember that my girlfriends (I am not) can not stop talked about Brandon, California guy who is spending his summer time in Indonesia and explain the material to us. Come on girls :p

Something I can share here is the next place that we visited. Ancol!

You guys rocks!

Fun, tired and broken hearted.


Back to campus life after a very short holiday. I had to fill up registration form for next semester. It took some energy guys :p


Had a serious talk with my boyfriend last night. Something that I avoid to think for long time. But the time comes and I have to face it sooner or I will fall behind. It hurts a little.


Oh by the way tonight is nifsu sya'ban. lets pray and beg for His forgiveness. Happy weekend everyone :D

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