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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Never Let Me Go

Drama | Romance
Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley, Andrew Garfield, Izzy Meikle-Small, Charlie Rowe, Ella Purnell, Charlotte Rampling, and Sally Hawkins
Mark Romanek
Alex Garland

Never Let Me Go is about a boarding school named Hailsham. Children who live and study in there are special. Everything that they need is available. Kathy, Ruth and Tommy are several of them. Kathy secretly in love with Tommy and seems like Tommy is feeling the same thing. But Ruth knows and gets jealous because of it. She is trying to get Tommy attention and makes him hers.

When children of Hailsham are eighteen years old, they transfer to new place and live with other people from another school. Kathy moves with Ruth and Tommy. Kathy finds that world is different with her teachers taught. One of her new friend in Cottages ask about any the donations. Kathy, Ruth and Tommy confused because nobody ever told them about any donations. Then the truth reveals. Everyone of them will donated their organ in several stages to save other people’s live. One way to postponed or even cancel it is tell the school that they have a true love. Kathy doubts that she can do it when Tommy still together with Ruth.

Crazy, depression yet touched. Those are three words that describe my feeling perfectly when I finished watch Never Let Me Go. It is crazy because I can not understand the story. The British accent is very sexy and amazing but it makes me hard to understand the words they spoken. Moreover the available subtitle is not really good, both English and Indonesia. It drives me crazier than before. The right word for it is ‘confused’ actually. But I am feeling ‘crazy’ is more suitable because I force myself to finish watch it.

My crazy feeling turns to depression when the story goes to climax. Not only the story which turn into something that I do not understand, but also the soundtracks and the view when those three best friend and lover go make a miserable atmosphere. I wanted to finish the movie as soon as possible and looked into the minutes that left many times. I was so curious about the real plot and explanation for it. I read the synopsis that I found in cover back of DVD’s jacket but it did not make anything clear and answer my questions. All I have in my mind is I have to ask Google!

Then the movie finally gets to the ending. That depression feeling mix with touched feeling. I can not imagine what people like Kathy, Ruth and Tommy live their life when they already know that they will die young. Though their organs will help more people to life longer, I think it still not fair. It makes me think again and again. And I am wondering about those children come from. They just have first name and there nothing explanation about their family name.

This is not the first time I tried to finished it, this is a second try and I regretted not finish this movie before. Now I can say that the movie which I keep for months in my bag is a good movie. The story is a little bit boring in the beginning and makes you confused. Yet when you think about it all over again and again, it has a deep meaning. Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley are amazing for the roles that they play. First I feel sorry for them to choose this work, but it is so wrong at the last. They are really amazing. Andrew Garfield is not really good in my opinion. He looks like an unconfident sick guy with his skinny body. I hope he gains more and better in the upcoming The Amazing Spiderman movie.

I have check that this movie is based on best-seller novel in same title. I am interested to read it because I curious about this phenomena. Was it really exist and happen long time ago? But it seems like the novel would be more depressing than this. I think I am gonna read it after this crazy-depression-and-touched feeling that I have is gone.

At last, Never Let Me Go is a good movie to watch. It will make you grateful for the free life that you have. Do not waste it with unnecessary things :’)

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