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Friday, September 30, 2011

Next (Just) Four Days At Campus

We still talk about signs. Signs are something that refer to something else. "Nothing is a sign unless it is interpreted as a sign" (Peirce)

Saussure model

Peircean model
- The representamen: the form which the sign takes (not necessarily material).
- An interpretant: not an interpreter but rather the sense made of the sign.
- An object: to which the sign refers (Chandler,2002)

Quote from the lecturer:
"Learning can be starting with confuse" - Mr. Budi Hermawan

Try to find and read:
a. Umberto Eco - The Name of Rose
b. The Sax - Sujiwo Tejo

I'm kinda confuse of this course. It is more likely a half Literary Theories with a little bit of Semiotics. We talked about signs which is still confusing because I think the explaination is different with what in Semiotics. Let me share my note.

- Not just comments on the world, but are themselves things in the world, and specifically, in the social world.
- Do not just convey meanings, but produce them
- Produce many meanings, not just one meaning per sign

Some Aspects of Sign
a. Content: sign ability to represent, depict, propose as real, make statements, stand for.
b. Codes: signs suggest ways in which they may be read
c. Format: the form in which a sign convey or deliver
d. Address: a sign construction of where it comes from and where it is going to
e. Context: a social situation in which a sign function

Homework: Analyze the examples of advertisement in page 20-22 and explain your opinion about it. Just elaborate your opinion like in page 16.

Make up class: Monday 9am

We talked about chapter 8: Booth Behavior. The lecturer asked to make a list of so-important to not-really-so important point about what the conference interpreter does. I worked with @mayangrengganis and here is our list:

1. Punctuality
The interpreter must come on time. Though the event is not started yet or he come too early, it is good anyway. It helps the interpreter to prepare mental, knows if something of agenda change and also build positive image.

2. Booth manners
Don't smoking, use strong perfume, or do whatever unpleasant in the booth. The audiences might hear you and disturb them.

3. Team spirit and solidarity
You can ask a help from your booth mate if you are running out of vocabulary. But do not offer a help if he does not ask for it.

4. Posture
The way you are sitting affect the way you produce your voice.

5. Sound levels
This point related to point number 4. It you already in a good posture, also try to speak in a same distance everytime you speak and do not turn away while interpreting. 

We talked about what we have read and our understanding about chapter 2: What is literature? Does it matter? I was completely confuse! The question answered by a question. 

- Literature is a stories, poems and plays. It is what we say to children. But we already in university and that answer is not suit to us. 
- Is literature activity? What kind of activity? Procedure?
- What characteristics do the works literature have?
- Literature BEFORE 1800 is written works. Everything written is called literature.
- In 1800, literature is imaginative writing. So what about unimaginative writing, it still called as literature?
- What makes us (or a society) treat something as literature?
- Where (context in which) you find the text communicative intent?
- Literature is something which have gone through selection processes (published, reviewed and reprinted etc). So what about online literature? 
- Literature is something attack certain kinds of attention. What happen if someone did not give any attention to Oliver Twist, is it still called as literature? 
- Is this a poem or not?

Presentation from first group. They explain about Mualaf. The situation of the class was so 'hot'

My group have not done the paper yet. Thank God, the lecturer gives us more time to finish it.

Presentation is begun here too! Started with first group. The rules of presentation are just one member of the group who explain the material but every member have to answer a question.

Get the slide here.

How is your days, then? :D

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