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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life As We Know It

Comedy | Drama
Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, Josh Lucas, Alexis Clagett, Brynn Clagett, Brooke Clagett, Hayes MacArthur, Christina Hendricks, Sarah Burns,and Jessica St. Clair
Greg Berlanti
Ian Deitchman and Kristin Rusk Robinson

Life As We Know It is about Holly Berenson, a baker and an owner of shop and Erick Messer, a director of sport. Their bestfriend, Peter and Alison Novak arrange a date for them. But it is not going well. They somewhat hate each other. But they have to be together to take care of Sophie, Novak’s little daughter. Sophie’s parent is both dead because of car accident. Their new life with Sophie starts with moving together. The perfectionist Holly has to deal with the lazy Erick. Slowly, they can handle Sophie and looks like her real parents. But they do not. They start to think about their own happiness.

At the first time I saw the poster of Life As We Know It, I thought that it would be another romantic-comedy to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Fun to watch accompany with unpredictable plot. Then I had no interest to watch it at all. That was a last year. But here I am, I am writing a review about it. Can not believe it, uh? :p

The movie is so sweeeet yet sad for me. I am right. It is just like another rom-com movie but accompany with unpredictable plot. At the beginning, it is very good. The middle is not bad. The tip of that middle part suck and lame but the ending is sweet yet sad. I never thought that take care of little baby can be so difficult. I mean, I know it is difficult. I always think that it would be perfect if I practice it a lot. But doing something for the first time can be so hard and difficult.

Although the center of the story is a relationship between Holly and Erick, my respect is fully for Sophie. It is hard to lost people you love the most, moreover it is your parents. Not only when your all grew up, teen or adult then lost someone you love, the worse is then you still a little kid and do not know them at all. The little Sophie does not know anything before somebody or her step-parents tell the truth to her. So sad, my heart hurts. I wish that someday if I have a baby, son or daughter, I will take care of him/her as hard as I can :’)

Katherine Heigl is so well-grounded with rom-com movies. I watched The Ugly Truth and Killers. But she not gets a different role so far. She often sticks with a perfectionist-but-not-really-good-at-relationship-but-she-wants-a-date-so-badly woman. She is really good actress actually. Then let turns to Josh Duhamel. He is good as a playboy hehehehehe. I can not give opinion too much because I just have watch one movie of him and it is Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. I do not know how famous that movie in its era, but that movie is number one post that always looking for in my blog. Chemistry between Heigl and Duhamel is not bad but I have a problem with the second choice guy. In this case is Sam, the Sophie’s doctor. I just not feel that the guy fits into the role. The director should be looking for a guy who as handsome as Duhamel. But it is not really a big deal yet it happens a lot, the movie is already release a year ago.

And whoever plays a Sophie role is so cute and talented to be actress. My favorite part is when a one year Sophie gets lay on Josh Duhamel’s shoulder. She looks insecure but getting warm when Duhamel hugs her. That was so cute :)

At last, do not ever judge a movie is bad by the actor/actress or the poster. Watch it and prove your opinion. That is what I got from Life As We Know It. The movie is good than I thought. Watch it girls :)

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