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Friday, October 21, 2011

Next Five Days At Campus

I started my campus life week by listened to my lecturer who talked about Sound Symbol. It was interesting to know that one word in different languages can has a similarity, it can be the first letter of it or the way it written.

The first quiz! These are the questions. It is so simple yet deadly hard to answer ;p

1. What is Theory? How does it related to Literary and Cultural Studies?
2. What is Literature? Why is it difficult to define the definition of Literature?
3. What is Literary and Cultural Studies? What are the differences with traditional/conventional Literary Studies?

The next day, we discussed a new chapter. I was upset and surprise when the lecturer informed that I read the wrong chapter. I forgot that we will not talk about chapter 4 then directly go on to chapter 5 :((

Task: Read chapter 5 carefully and write your understanding by make a table of the period and the explanation about it. It is just a note and you can use handwriting but remember that the lecturer will check on it :)

We discuss about Interaction of Sign and I do not why we talked about Metaphor and Metonymy which are so confusing. I do not even can distinguish them --"

Task: Go on read about Interaction of Sign and share your understanding about it

This was a chance to group 4 to present their research. They explained about dating in Islam and they think is okay to dating but with many excuses. The atmosphere of class was so different to last weeks. Maybe because of many classmates has girl/boyfriend already and they want to keep it for themselves. Yet funny that the lecturer got the signal of it ;p
I was not planning to come to this course this week. Because I have to take a TOEFL ITP test in the morning. But I forced by my boyfriend to come. So I come without any preparation of the material. I will show you the slide when I got it ;)

Finally I and my classmates practiced to interpret in simultaneous time. I lost many sentences and not feel good about the result. I hope my skill will be better. By the way, this is the audio we practiced with.

The group 7 performed Lengser, a traditional profile who usually exist in ceremony to greets bride and groom. The ceremony called mapag panganten in Sundanese.

And the group 8 shared their understanding about acoustic guitar and performed three songs in the class. Actually, this group performed first, because the group 7 had a matter about their make up.

My campus life is not over this week. Tomorrow, I and my Literature classmates will go to senior high school at Lembang to observation. Wish me luck! And if you are one of the students and read my blog, please say hi to us :)

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