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Friday, October 7, 2011

Next Four Days At Campus

This week we focused talk about Ogden and Richard model. 

The solid line explains about the direct relationship between symbol and sense, sense and referent. Then the broken line explains the not-really-important relationship between symbol and referent. If it is, it would be so weak. Because for example, we call an animal with four legs and furry as CAT with no specific reason. Is it the four legs which make us call it a CAT? Then what about DOG or LIZARD? And every different people have different picture of, in this case lets talk about, CAT.

- Semantics noise (different understanding which make people have different interpretation)
- Psychology noise (in depend on people's mood and mental )
- Real noise (such as loud music or rush class)

To reduce misunderstanding
- Definition
- Metaphor
- Feed forward / feed back
- Use basic English

We talked about 'What is literature? Does it matter?' then move to next material about 'Literature and Cultural Studies'.

Nature of Literature

- Literature as foregrounding of language
In literature, the language is everything and the content is not-really-so-important. For example, choose one poem and read it. It has awesome rhyme, diction and so on. You like it although you do not even know what it talked about.

- Literature as the intergration of language

- Literature as fiction
Literature can be real, sometimes and it have to be interpretable.

- Literature as aesthetic object
Literature has aesthetic form and content. Remember about the poem you choose above? :)

- Literature as intertextual or self-reflexive construct
Literature as text exist because of and among other text. For example, Twilight novel. It is a love story but many texts blend in it. Such as story about vampire, werewolf, a bit of Italy, Romeo and Juliet and many more. It make us can say that no texts are original.

Literature and Cultural Studies

Literature Studies same as Literature Criticism which is to study, evaluation and interpretation literary works. The tools to study it is literary theory.

1950s -> Roland Bartens' Mythologies then Cultural Studies came up. It roots is literature studies. So the object of cultural studies is still literary works but also added contemporary culture. Literary theory also use as the tool, combine with 'theory'. The goal is to understand the functioning of culture.

Roots of literature and Cultural Studies

a. French Structuralism
- F. Saussure
- Levis-Strauss
- Roland Bartens
- Marx ->Marxism

b. Marxism (Williams, Hoggart) + critical theory

- Barten's Literary Theory: The Basics chapter 3 to get deeper about French Structuralism
- Bless Me, Ultima in two weeks
- The first quiz on Wednesday

We discussed about Sign and System. It brought us to semiotics (again) but we focused on these four titles.

Signifier and Signified
This is how sign gives meaning. Signifier is the sensory impression and signified is abstract concept of the sign. The relationship between them called as signification.

Different and Value
A sign gets meaning from other sign. For example, the vein that I wear is not symbolize as Muslim girl if I wear it with bikini.

Synchrony and Diachrony
This is the reason why old people speak differently among young people. The time is different and even change.

Paradigm an Syntagm
Paradigm is a set of sign that interchangeable. But it is not fixed. It depends on the context and topic. Syntagm is elements of paradigm combine with rule.

Do exercises in page 42 of Tools for Cultural Studies!

The lecturer was not coming. But the class assigned to make a list of five point about Tips for Beginner. This is my list.

- Accuracy
- Open your document early
- Stress and stagefright
- Delivery
- I forget what it is :O

then do not forget to sign up to to start our practice of simultaneous interpreting.

The second group present their material about hidden messages in Eid Al-Fitr greeting. I not focused on the presentation. That's why I forgot to take a picture :(

I was late and not allowed to come to class :(

Every group presented their finding about children literature. After than, the lecturer explained what children literature is. We agreed that children literature is something written for children. 

The problem of children literature

- Identity
Mostly children books we found have weird illustration. It could make children confused.
- Social class
Children book is mostly intended to middle-upper class. 
- Translated
Translated books is more interesting than Indonesian books. It makes children forget about their origin.
- Racist and sexist
- Misinterpretation

Those problem make children literature not innocent anymore. I just know how hard it is But I think we are gonna write children literature as final exam. It is so fun yet challenging! :D

My group presented our material about Film. It was fun and this is the first time I feel super confident about what I said! I felt so embarrassed yet proud when the class watched our film. Thanks to @rimamari @deeprasetya @caramiagea @AmeeMuhammad for the hard work! Enjoy our film below :D

The next group presented Tari Saman or A Dance with Thousand Hands. Great performance from @yiyiyeey @ppermatasari @justpoet @kkfriskamir and Bobby. Videos from second group still in upload process. Please calm and back next couple hours :)

UPDATE! Here is the video. Enjoy :)

How is your campus life, anyway? ;)

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