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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Three Legendary Teen Literatures You Should Read Before Die

Dealova by Dyan Nuranindya

Karra is a boyish girl with long beautiful hair and well-versed play basketball. She has a brother, Iraz who is super care to her. Iraz friends, especially Ibel also care about Karra. So far, Karra claims Ibel as her own brother, though Ibel shows he wants more than be her ‘brother’. On the contrary, a new boy in Karra’s school, Dira has a crush on her. Karra hates him on their first meet but love grows slowly.

Me vs High Heels by Maria Ardelia

Sasha is a boyish girl who likes to play boy’s activities, such as basketball, soccer, and so on. One day she meets a hot guy named Arnold. She is so in love till commits to change into feminine girl and wears high heels. After all efforts, will Arnold fall for her?

Fairish by Esti Kinasih

Davi is an ‘it’ boy in school. Yet he is so sick when girls all around him. So he asks Fairish, an ordinary school girl to be his fake girlfriend. She is single, not seeing someone and Davi won’t fall for her, will he? ;)

The stories of those novels are similar, predictable and nothing special if you read it now. But when back in early 2000, it was so popular. Then another novel which tells about boyish girl meets cool guy, hate each other then fall in love were everywhere. Thanks God, the stories are more varieties nowadays.

All of them are available in major picture already. A lot of people said that the novel is much much better. But some of people, who particularly hate read novel, said the movie is more amusing. The choice is yours tho ;)

Hope you’ll like it :D

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